Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paul E. Fisher, Esq. Suspended by CA State Bar & Other News

Many developments have occurred since the last post here. Since no billboards have draped 10801, our job was done.

A few notable actions against the cohorts that posted illegal signs on 10801 are as follows:

Paul E. Fisher, attorney for World Wide Rush (individual that harassed and threatened Dr. David Allan back in 2009) has had his license suspended on account of convictions of rape and other felonies. Read about it here. Also here is the current status from the California Bar Association on Paul E. Fisher.

In an unrelated matter, here's a complaint filed Feb. 22, 2010 by the State of California and the City of Los Angeles for multiple violations against Barry Rush of World Wide Rush, Frank Rahban and Paul E Fisher.

To stay current with the latest on the billboard issues of Los Angeles, we direct you to the website Ban Billboard Blight.

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