Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo of 1st Supergraphic Covering 10801

Here's another shot of the mega billboard covering the building. To see the building up close you can click on the photo and it will enlarge.

The building is 6 stories tall and if you look closely beneath the orange juice ad, you will see vertical lines running all the way up. These are actually columns that separate the windows that span from the floor to the ceiling. You cannot see the windows because the vinyl is completely covering it up.


Correction for Councilmember to contact:

Squeaky wheels get the grease. If you want to see something done, you need to call or email.

Jack Weiss


City Hall Office (213)-473-7005
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 440
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Field Offices
Map of District

I spoke with Jay Greenstein in the field office and they are right on top of this issue. They have notified The Fire Department and the Department of Building and Safety.

He told me that there is a priority to take this sign down because of the danger it poses as a fire hazard. Not only can it impede the ability of the firefighters to get in the building, but the presence of this covering will literally contain toxic gases and pose a danger of explosions.

Stay tuned -- as soon as I know anything, I will post it here.

Side note: I don't know if you are aware of this, but the building had a substantial fire on the 5th floor approximately 5 years ago. Fire personnel had to bust through one of the windows on the same side where the sign is.

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I spoke with Captain McCarthy from the Fire Department today and they will be inspecting the building today or tomorrow at the latest. I will give him a call tomorrow and find out what action will be taken. Stay tuned.


  1. these boards if viewable from the freeway can bring in big$$--like 80,000/month (I'm not kidding) divided between the building owner and the outdoor company.
    They are also illegal in this area,but the fine is only
    $1.000/mo. Why don't you try enlisting the help of: - we're always ready
    for a good fight. Also, withhold PART of your rent this
    will force your landlord to hire a lawyer and he'll soon find out that he doesn't have legal legs, or team up with Recons lawyer. Call the advertiser's PR depart-ment tell them that westside village boycotts products

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