Monday, April 13, 2009

Billboard Comment of the Day

How can anyone "support supergraphics"? Unless, I suppose, your living is made by the use of them. In which case-tough. Hopefully your day will be over soon and you'll be forced to pay up your fines and penalties, as well as take down these things spoiling the place.

I love how on one hand it's deemed trivial and ridiculous to protest this ugly and ILLEGAL (for a reason, namely quality of living) sign blight, but on the other hand some "supporters" also protest how terribly important to our failing economy having these monstrosities everywhere is. In any case, it's neither silly nor futile to protest and fight for retaining some quality of urban life in L.A. Ignoring illegal supergraphic signs all over large buildings, making companies richer isn't going to end hunger or war or help poor people, either. And remember, the fire department hates them too: they're unsafe for inhabitants of the buildings in case of a disaster. "Supporters"? Come on. Comment #41, left at 04/07/09 02:27 PM.

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