Friday, April 10, 2009

No billboards on these buildings

Of course no one would ever imagine putting a blown up tarp on a building like this. That is a statement we should ponder.

How about this quote from Coochicoos - Designs for Modern Parenting: "If you happen to be in Kansas City, as a resident or tourist, then pay a visit because I believe exposing young minds to great architecture affects them in powerful and emotional ways unlike any other creative expression."

Well what about feeding the older minds? Below are some examples of great architecture, both old and new. Enjoy!

Kansas City, MO.: When the massive Beaux Art Nelson-Atkins’ Building opened in 1933, newspapers nationwide reported visitors “amazed,” “gasping at its innovations and marveling at its luxury.” See more here.

Below you will find the additional buildings that were added. The Bloch Building has been called a process unfolding, a magical response to the landscape and to the original building. The design by Steven Holl Architects was chosen for its unique solution to the Museum’s problem: how to provide more space without compromising the original 1933 Nelson-Atkins Building. See an TIME article here.

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