Monday, March 30, 2009

Signage Problems: Education the Key

photo from Ban Billboard Blight
Are these two supergraphic's the same?

In a stimulating article from Ban Billboard Blight,

Are Billboard Opponents Overwrought? Do Supergraphic Signs Make L.A. a More Interesting Place? An Architect Answers the L.A. Times’ Architectural Critic

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an education takes place. It explains the phrase that comes to mind when we think about these oversized tarps that are draped over buildings and structures -- "Enough is enough".

"Enough is enough" is our inner voice telling us what is right and what is good. But how do we put words to paper as a law or ordinance? This will forever be a challenge coupled with the fact that not everyone will see the supergraphics as an ad method gone too far -- But most do. That's why they are outlawing them in the new city ordinance.

All of this attention to this issue is fantastic. Part of the problems here has to do with lack of awareness and education. That's what makes the above article so great.

Get educated. Find out the difference between the Hollywood sign and a pair of knockers that are barely covered pitching a product. There's a huge difference.

In a previous post, we refer to the beauty of architecture in London. There is an education here too! Putting up supergraphics is a sign of disrespect. You would never wrap a tarp around a piece of sculpture or your home? Well, I take that back -- for a price anything can happen. It's called selling out. If one wants to do that on a personal level -- that we can live with -- but when it effects us as a community -- "Enough is enough".


  1. Your problem isn't really with the sign as it is the content. If you don't like looking at boobs, don't look at them. But your personal preference doesn't make advertising a "DANGER TO HUMAN LIFE".

  2. Did you know that the LAFD came out on 2 separate occasions and issued citations for fire code violations? Did you see the press conference at the foot of 10801 National Blvd? Did you know that Chief Fry from LAFD came out publicly and stated that the owners of 10801 were putting all the occupants of 10801 in danger? Do you know that 10801 was put on a fire watch when the signs at 10801 were not taken down right away? What hideous signs do to our visual landscape is one thing, but don’t get that confused with the fact that the signs that cover windows at 10801 endanger human life. No matter how much evidence is given to someone (like you), if they believe something strong enough – they will never be convinced.