Thursday, March 26, 2009

Owners retaliate against Dr. Allan

We are getting mail from concerned citizens about the blatant retaliation by Frank Rahban and National Investment Company. "HOW CAN THEY DO THIS AND GET AWAY WITH IT". Send us your letters -- see below for email.

A letter from someone in the coalition:

Hello David,

I feel that it is unfair to you that the Management of 10801 would evict you for your advocacy.

Your website was informative and useful to all of us and I am sure it had and effect towards getting that stupid sign removed. It is ironic that you are in fact evicted for exercising your freedom of speech rights... while the World Wide Rush... is able to steam roll over you to exercise their freedom of speech.

We are in a pivotal point of defining where rights of free speech legitimate and where they are abused in favor of the profit margin. But it may come down to the reality of what corporate America is really all about. I wonder what would have happened had we been more aggressive with the Tropicana/Pepsi People directly rather than getting caught up in the issue of fire safety. The fire safety strikes me as the tail wagging the dog.

Like the AIG Bonuses getting all the press when they were only 1/10 of 1% of the money spent. It just shows you how much things can be spun in the wrong direction if you have enough power. Of course I'm concerned with fire safety and stood out in the parking lot with the Fire Chief as they observed the building and wondered out loud if they could see anyone inside the building with the banner obscuring the windows... they decided that they probably couldn't.

But I'm sitting inside the building every day and am feeling the sensation of a "visual waterboarding"... And that is not what we paid for. Anyway, good luck in the future and again, sorry about that eviction thing... that was not nice.

Signed -- a supporter.


Our best offense now is to exercise your right to voice your opinion and concerns for this injustice.

Send us your letters and we will post them.

Send them to

Also cc: Joe Agapay (attorney for the owners) and tell them you are outraged.

We will keep you anonymous unless you tell us that you don't mind having your name included in your letter. Let Frank Rahban and National Investment Company know that these actions are despicable and an outrage.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man!

    I have been following these "billboard fights" all over the country for the past 7 years. I have to say that the people never win.

    Before I go on, I am for outdoor advertising, but think it is messed up when safety is being risked.

    Anyways, you can keep up whatever fight you want, but I think you can see and will continue to see is that you never win.

    Companies all across the board from the small guys (World Wide Rush & etc) to the big guys (CBS & etc) always seem to come out on top.

    Not sure what the point of my post is, but just felt like saying that.

    Pls keep us updated on your work.