Saturday, March 28, 2009

Patient Letter to Frank Rahban and NIC

"I've been a health care professional for close to thirty years and have been a licensed doctor of chiropractic since 1991. Here is a letter from one of my dear patients" Dr. David Allan, D.C.

To the Owners of 10801 National Boulevard:
Unbelievable! Outrageous! Wrong! Those were my first reactions upon hearing that Dr. David Allan had been expelled from the building where he has practiced for so long. I have been a patient of Dr. Allan's since January of 1994, and during that time, I have visited him in three different suites in the 10801 National Boulevard building. The sudden realization that he is an "unauthorized subtenant" which happens to "coincidentally" coincide with his campaign for safety and his opinion of aesthetic (with which I happen to strongly agree) is unscrupulous and also against the right of free speech in this country.
What's wrong with you? Turning your office building into a giant freeway billboard adds to the visual pollution of the city and is low class thing to do. Ignoring fire or building codes is criminal! What motivates you to ignore the laws of the land? Knowingly compromising public safety is unconscionable. How dare you put people at risk to line your pockets?! You should be extraordinarily ashamed of your contemptuous behavior.
Would you like to look at the back side of one of these signs all day long? Would you like to feel your safety is compromised? Do you want to increase the possibility of greater damage to your income property should there be a fire? Please consider your super-graphic billboards as an experiment that didn't pan out and move on.
Donna Holden


  1. David
    thanks for posting this great letter. I was thinking that Frank Rahban's latest supergraphic on Pico is an expression of his free speech as it features a drawing of an ass and states 'asset management' and 'raise your bottom line' We know all he cares about is his ass and his bottom line.

  2. Great! So, now your out of your office. Best wishes!