Thursday, March 26, 2009


As this post is entered, the City Planning Commission is prepared to vote on the billboard and sign regulations in Los Angeles today.

In the meantime, we are playing catch up and have not posted for a week due to Dr. Allan's eviction from 10801. We will go into details and let you know what is really going on at 10801 in just a moment, but first...

Last week on Wednesday, March 18th, the City Planning Commission met at City Hall to determine the final policy regarding the regulation of signage in Los Angeles and to also hear from the public.

Anyone that wanted to speak on this topic went before the commissioners to give their pitch. Everyone was given 2 minutes and a timer was set to keep the meeting moving. We recorded a few notable speakers and we will present one today from Dennis Hathaway, President of the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight.

Dennis Hathaway presents his position
on Signage to the City Planning Commission.

Now the rest of the story...

Dr. David Allan also came before the commission, but painted a completely different story. In an emotional statement, Dr. Allan described how this saga has turned ugly and dirty.

After more than 16 years of practicing at 10801 National Blvd. -- Frank Rahan and National Investment Company wrongfully had Dr. Allan "EVICTED" from the building.

Frank knew that he could not stop Dr. Allan from blogging and expressing the disgust from the coalition against their actions, but FRANK RAHBAN and National Investment Company knew that they could seek retaliation and use their power to have Dr. Allan removed from the building -- basically on a technicality. Details will be provided in due time.

What National Investment Company did is a total outrage and injustice against Dr. Allan and this is not the end of the story.

Here is the public statement by Dr. Allan that was presented to the commission:

My name is Dr. David Allan and I am a chiropractor from Los Angeles and the spokesperson for the Coalition for 10801 Tenant Safety and Justice.

10801 National Blvd. is the site where the owner, Frank Rahban, National Investment Company and World Wide Rush slapped up a hazardous supergraphic across the entire side of the building that sits up against the 10 freeway facing a prominent West Los Angeles neighborhood. The sign serves no one except the advertisers that want to throw their product pitches down our throats and pad the pockets of the disingenuous building owners and sign companies that could care less about the visual landscape of our city, and in our case -- disregard warnings from the Fire Chief putting all the occupants at 10801 at a serious safety risk.

Along with this injustice, another one is occurring today as I speak. Today is a sad day -- Since reporting the news at 10801 and exposing the disregard the owners have for the tenants and the community on the blog "", today is the last day I am allowed to practice in my suite.

For the sake of retaliation, Frank Rahban and National Investment Company has singled me out as a whistle blower and last month gave the doctor I share my space with -- a 30 day default notice to have me removed from the premises. After 16 years of not missing a monthly rent payment -- that's over 190 consecutive months of paying my rent on time with a thriving health care practice at this location, the owners have deemed me not qualified to practice in his building.

The message here is not to feel sorry for my predicament, but to send a message to the City that safeguards are needed to help protect every individuals right to speak up for themselves without the fear of retaliation from building owners and big business with deep pockets that would not think twice or hesitate to ruin your career or displace you from your livelihood.

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