Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raban now threatens Dr. Allan

Am I looking for a fight? Am I looking for a lawsuit? Absolutely not!

Of course we received a letter back from Mr. Agapay. At this point, I am not posting any more letters, unless I am sued. Then the public can follow every word of this case -- every step of the way. Hopefully you will decide this is not in your best interest.

National Investment company is now threatening to sue me for derogatory and defamatory comments.

Whoa -- wait a minute. Let's back things up and let's clean the slate. Let's refocus.

This blog was not designed as a forum for bashing anyone. For proof of what I am saying here, you can visit a previous post - Clean up of blog underway. This post was in response to an inflammatory letter from Paul Fisher, attorney for World Wide Rush. I acknowledged that some comments may have went over board and I apologized and overhauled the entire blog. I went through every post and took out any item I thought was too edgy. I even told Paul publicly to call or write to me if there was anything in the blog that was upsetting.

I did this because I took him seriously and did not want to deal with getting sued. I have not heard from Paul since, so I imagine that we are okay in this department.

BTW -- The items I removed were not specific to World Wide Rush. They were any item that I thought was over the top and too edgy including numerous items concerning Frank Rahban and National Investment Company. I removed all personal items regarding Frank such as business address and phone numbers. I monitor all the comments that come in. Do I post all of them? Absolutely not. There are a lot of nasty and mean people out there. I received Frank's personal home address, cell numbers, etc. and did I post them. Absolutely not. I don't want to provide information that could harm or harass any person. If I posted all that public info, it would set fuel for people to harass Frank. That is not my intention now and was never my intention.

Just as with Paul Fisher, do I take Joe Agapay's letter to sue seriously? Absolutely.

So I am asking Joe to send a letter to my attorney referencing any derogatory or defaming comments that I've said about Frank Rahban and NIC. Yes, I mean that. I will address them and remove them or reword any item if necessary.

So for the record, in the nicest way possible, these are some honest feelings I have at this moment:
  • I feel I was singled out and "forced out" of the place I practiced in for the past 16 years. The timing is too suspect. I had two leases previously with NIC and therefore I was responsible for the rent. When I applied for those two leases, did I have to submit any financial information? No. Mind you, when you have a lease, you are responsible for that contract period. For the last 3.5 years, I've been without a lease and have been paying the doctors in the suite and the doctors were responsible for the lease payment. Now NIC is saying that they were unaware I was a subtenant until they heard it on this blog. Let's just say that is true. So what? After all these years, why now would you demand my financial information to determine if I am acceptable? If you don't have a bone to pick with me, why the formality? Isn't a perfect 16 year track record and even a recommendation letter from your wife enough to satisfy your requirements for authorization? Am I really unauthorized, or is this about retaliation? We believe it is.
  • I direct your attention to the press conference that was held at the foot of 10801. Click here to see the complete conference on video. I direct your attention to what L.A. Fire Department Chief Fry had to say: "They are looking more at profit then at safety of their residents inside". Can't you see why everyone is so upset with you? When the Los Angeles Fire Department issued fire code violations and pleaded with you to take down your sign, did you? No. In fact when the first sign contract expired, you put up another one. Then the LAFD cited you again with fire code violations and put the building on a fire watch. The only reason that sign came down (after 6 days) was becasue of all the negative press Dr. Phil received. If that's not the case, please let me know.
  • What I am stating is nothing more than what Chief Fry has said, "Frank Rahban and NIC care more about money earned vs. the welfare of the 10801 tenants. That's why I stated the blog -- "for safety and justice". If Frank Rahban and NIC are not concerned about the safety and welfare of their tenants, then I was out to start a coalition and I did. There were many of us in the building concerned about our safety and welfare. We were the ones in the building, not you.
Once again, the purpose of this blog is to be a coalition for 10801 tenant safety and justice, not a bashing site to anyone.

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