Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keep those letters coming...

Here's a few more letters and the first one was also sent directly to JOE AGAPAY, ESQ.

Dear Dr. Allan,

It is outrageous that the building owners and manager have reacted so arrogantly to your exercising of your legal rights to speak out against their actions. Mr. Agapay should know better since he passed the Bar. Have these people no conscience or regard for others? Apparently they don't care about the tenants enough to listen to their concerns and they do not care enough about the law to actually follow it.

It is appalling that they have acted so illegally in 1) putting up the signage, 2) keeping it up despite legal orders to take it down, and 3) evicting you for pointing out the facts. The wheels of justice may take awhile to turn, but they will eventually turn against the unjust acts of a few greedy and self-centered individuals.

I am glad you are practicing in another space, I would not want to go the the 10801 building for any reason. It seems the owners of the building understand the power of money, so perhaps the power of others in the building leaving out of their own accord will leave the owners with empty real estate as a consequence of their actions.

A Sincere Supporter


Hi David
I'm glad that you are ok. It is very sad that the owners of the building at 10801 National consistently attempt to twist the laws of our land in their favor. Anyone with any common decency should know that a sign should not be covering up the entire side of a building's windows. It is ironic that the owners forced you to move out just because you used your First Amendment right to free speech while they erroneously claim First Amendment rights to advertise commercially.

It's a shame that these commercial property owners would chose to tie up our courts with ridiculous claims of First Amendment rights when clearly all they really care about is the money. Otherwise, why would they have forced you to move out if they were so keen on the First Amendment?
Also, David, I wanted to let you know that I have put my house up for sale. The looming supergraphic visible from my house is one of the reasons I am selling.
take care,
A Supporter

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