Friday, February 20, 2009


After reviewing the blog, I can see how it can be offensive and I've already removed one third of the material. I plan to have this as an issue based site with no personal attacks.

I am aware that legal is tracking this site closely and I don't want to create problems. I really don't. I feel we have made our point and will be scaling back all the fluff. Give us a day and by tomorrow it will be cleaned up.

I especially want Paul Fisher to email me after today, if there are any parts of the blog that needs deleting. I plan to keep our issues in line with the information coming out of the L.A. government.

We will move away from personal references that may be offensive and keep it issue based. We welcome your comments.


  1. Dude, if really don't want trouble, you should take the web site down completely. Lawyers will take anything you say and twist it. For example, you can't say the sign is illegal when a federal court said its legal. What you should have said is that is "allegedly illegal". You can't say its a fire danger, its "allegedly a fire danger". Also, you've been on the radio saying the same stuff which you can't erase. Frankly, I'm surprised your landlord hasn't evicted you yet? At this point, I think you're screwed either way.

    Even freedom of speech has a price. Good luck!!!

  2. Dude??? That reminds me of a cult classic -- The Big Lebowski; much references to "dude" for sure. I published your comment because there are many that have the same feelings that you've expressed. It all comes back to the nature of how big business uses their power to keep most of us from speaking out. If our sign will be down for good, I will take down the blog. Until then, it will remain as a time line and info place for what is going on with this issue. You're absolutely right on the legal thing. Anything can be twisted in a court of law. I will stick with my strategy for now. The letter from Paul was a great lesson for me. Paul is just protecting his client's interests and in respect to that, since this is such a hot issue, I don't need to detract from the real message and put anyone down. I'm even going to avoid "tongue and cheek comments". That's extremely tough for me, because I love to poke fun when ever I can and make things entertaining. But it's time to get really serious and focus -- straight issue based reporting of course with comment and selected input from the community. "Allegedly fire danger; Allegedly illegal?" That's not for me to decide. I'm not making things up -- the info I said on the radio and the info in here is directly from the City Council Press Conference. I did get that on video and will make it available on this site soon. "Being screwed?" You do what you feel is right and sometimes you reach out of your comfort zone. That's where growth and change take place. I'm not looking for legal battles and that is why I'm changing the site. Thanks for your input.