Friday, January 23, 2009

L.A. Fire Dept cites owners with fire code violations


Goooooooooooal or however you like to celebrate...

I spoke with Inspector Conneally today and he was the individual that came to inspect the building from the LAFD.
He said that the fire department has deemed the supergraphic to be a fire hazard and issued a fire code violation.
I have not yet seen the document, so let's wait for the official wording of this violation.
They are passing on their findings to the department of building and safety.

We are far from seeing this thing over. I anticipate that the owners will do whatever they can do legally to have this supergraphic up.

I hope you can witness how the almighty dollar in the hands of these power players has put an entire building of folks at risk and endangering all the lives of this building.

We need to keep the pressure up and reclaim this injustice.

Let your voice be heard:


800-237-7799 -- Don't have an email on them (But you can post a message on their website here) -- their office is closed for the weekend.

National Investment Company (NIC):
Since I don't know the owners and don't have their info -- contact the building manager:
Lois Forshee (310) 475-5779

World Wide Rush -- Barry Rush, owner:
(can't find their website) 800-9861866

We welcome your comments.

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  1. I have an e-mail address for Barry Rush-- I don't know if it is still good-- he emailed me from last year re: the evil sign at Pico and Overland

    email at if you would like his cell.