Thursday, January 22, 2009

Owners first communication with affected tenants

Over the last few days, legal action had been taken by the owners. Joe M Agapay, JR., APC has been selected to craft up a few letters that were hand delivered to the tenants of 10801. It appears that these documents were only handed to the side of the building with the super graphics' advertisement.

The letter was delivered with copies of the judgement and permanent injunction against the City of Los Angeles (see L.A. Times article for more background on this). Also included was a document from the State Fire Marshal stating that the sign material is a registered flame resistant product along with a technical data sheet from Intertek.

Personally, I'm the least bit surprised at this information. To pull off such a bold and brazen stunt like this, you better have your cannons loaded. In the Jewish tradition there's a perfect word that describes the actions by the owner(s) - Chutzpah -- And for a lesson in Yiddish here you go:

(IPA: /ˈxʊtspə/) is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. The word derives from the Hebrew word ḥuṣpâ (חֻצְפָּה), meaning "insolence", "audacity", and "impertinence." The modern English usage of the word has taken on a wider spectrum of meaning, however, having been popularized through vernacular use, film, literature, and television. In Hebrew, chutzpah is used indignantly, to describe someone who has over-stepped the boundaries of accepted behavior with no shame. Wow -- I couldn't come up with a better word myself.

Now let's get real... without legal help at this point, we're on a tricycle racing a Porsche.

Regarding the letter -- I'm not impressed one bit. I feel we have a great case against this injustice. I will be scanning in these docs and will have them up for the global community to see by tomorrow.

Today I was told that a prosecutor from the city attorney's office was out to inspect the building. Boy, you should have heard what they had to say about our wonderful decoration (I'll keep you in suspense).

I'm planning on speaking with the city attorney's office tomorrow -- Time to upgrade the tricycle!

I have not heard back from LAFD Capt. McCarthy on their recommendations -- I will call him tomorrow.

Oh... There's more media interest on our cause -- Bloomberg News, KFIam640, and others -- stay tuned.

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  1. Seems like the landlord is just documenting his rights and his position on the situation. You have a right to make a lot of noise... as you are. He/she has a right to show you that they are not doing anything wrong.