Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking for answers - Hazards? Who are behind this?

Placed a call to the fire department this morning and have not heard back from them yet.

I found out that World Wide Rush -- Outdoor Advertising (800) 986-1866 (company that put up this sign and others), have been in court and have filed lawsuits to have the right to put up such signs.

It so happens that World Wide Rush won an injunction to have these mega supergraphics put up on many structures and our building was included in this list. So it appears that all parties involved have been doing their homework and have calculated these actions for many months.

I am still asking for the names of the owners... and I will wait to take any other action until I hear from the fire department

I was also informed of a building on Wilshire where the tenants have filed a lawsuit against the owners.


  1. There are no billboards in Hawaii. It is against state law. Banning billboards can't be unconstitutional. Surely California can copy this law. See this link for more information.

  2. what is the big deal, if the fire department needs to get in the windows they can just cut the ad. I think who ever is behind this witch hunt is jealous they don't own the building.

  3. David,

    Keep up your efforts. Most of Los Angeles is with you on this issue.

    Don't stop fighting.

  4. You may not be aware of this but there is also a State law, called the Outdoor Advertising Act (ODA), that also regulates the placement of billboards within 660 feet of a "landscaped freeway." As far as I can tell, this stretch of I-10 is considered a landscaped freeway be Caltrans. I was not aware of this blog or your fight when I filed a complaint with Caltrans about this billboard, who is responsible for enforcing the ODA. So while the City of LA may not be able to enforce its sign regulations, the State is not precluded from enforcing the ODA. I would suggest you research the ODA on Caltrans' website.

  5. this Tropicana sign is the worst example I've seen so far of these disgusting supergraphics. I'm planning a street protest at the corner of Pico and Overland this Thursday from 12 PM to 2PM to protest the supergraphic that is at 10680 W Pico. e-mail me at for more info about this issue

  6. Tracking down owners is my job. As far as I can tell, the ownership keeps an office in your building and Lois the mgr is a direct employee (as apposed to a contracted property manager which is common). The only name I could find on title was Frank Raban so that might be him. Good luck. I would go nuts is someone did that to my office!

    Anonymous Sympathizer

  7. Thank you for your comments... most are supportive, but there are always folks that see things differently and that is why I've included them.

    But I would like to respond to the negative comments...

    Mr. Anonymous: It's clearly not a fire hazard. And who are you?? What a lame comment. As far as the fire hazard is concerned, that is up to the fire department. They know more than you and I do. I believe it is because of my conversations with Capt. McCarthy. He said most of them are in violation.

    As far as putting my energy in to this... I'm just standing up for myself. This is a huge deal because it's my way I make a living. I treat patients and the environment is vital. I use natural light and I can't even open the blinds because of this.

    And as far as blogging goes, google makes it very easy for anyone to set up a blog in 1 minute. At the top of my home page, just click on create blog and you're on your way. Maybe you can start your own campaign -- "I Love Billboards -- I Wish they would put one up on my front lawn"

    Dave Malay comments: Once again we will see the ruling the LAFD hands down. Hey Dave, there's a 3-alarm fire going down in your apartment complex and here comes the fire trucks and their ladders. Now you happen to have your building wrapped with a vinyl canvas advertising $#!^^!%^. I'm sure the last thing the firefighters want to do is deal with your sign.