Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Breaking News: Our story makes front page in L.A. Times

Breaking News...

A story was written about us and this issue today in the L.A. Times -- Front Page!!
See Super Graphics' Anger Tenants in Office Buildings

We are still waiting to hear a ruling by the fire department.



I Just spoke with Capt. McCarthy from the fire department and he confirmed that the building was inspected -- and mentioned that the topic will be on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting with the commissioners. He assured me that most likely his department would notify me tomorrow.

He stated that the department will write up a report with their recommendations and pass it along to building and safety.

Stay tuned... as soon as I know; you will know.

BTW -- On the left side, make sure you cast your vote on our new survey (you can choose more than one answer) and let your voice be heard loud and clear.

I am formulating an official petition and will have it ready tomorrow. Email any thoughts you would like to include to 10801takesigndown@gmail.com.

You have a voice and I suggest you use it before big business covers most of the buildings in L.A.


  1. I just found out about your plight via LAist reference to MetBlogs.

    I have lived in West LA area for the last six years. The billboard situation is ridiculous. I wonder how effective the additional advertisements are.

    Anyway, if you have not found out about the the owners of the building from the building manager, you can consult the LA County Local Roll (Call County Assessor) for the the details.

    If you do not post the owner information by tomorrow (assuming you still may not have it by them), I will post another anonymous comment with the information. I have access to the previous fiscal year's Local Roll. I doubt ownership has changed since them due to Prop 13.

  2. The only bit of owner information from the 2007-2008 LA County Local Roll for the property in question is the name of the owner, which is:

    National Investment Company.

    For an unknown reason the owner's mailing address wasn't included with that fiscal year's local roll.

    I would HIGHLY recommend for you to follow the instructions, using the link below, to obtain and confirm the latest ownership information on the parcel related to the building.

    LA County Assessor Frequently Asked Question on Ownership