Friday, January 30, 2009

Campaign Contributions and Conflicts of Interest

We bring your attention to an article that just came up regarding Council member Jack Weiss. See Jack Weiss Took Dough From Outdoor Ad Pushers. This was posted today in the LA Weekly blog by Christine Pelisek and it raises questions as to how much impact these facts way on their public decisions.

This is a message and thoughts from Dr. Allan. I've never been active politically and I probably represent a large percentage of residents in Los Angeles. I didn't even know what district I was in or who my Representative was until now. I can't say that I am proud of this, but this is the case at this point in time. I have a busy career and never paid much attention to politics. My main concern on this issue was to stand up for myself and this injustice placed upon me and the tenants of 10801.

In this light, maybe my opinion might be more valuable to Council member Weiss than someone with the inside scoop.

First I'm gonna put myself in Jack Weiss's shoes regarding donations. I would accept a donation from anyone to help drive the campaign. The exception would be that I would not accept any money from anyone that is involved with illegal activities. So, the statement comes up in this article that Jack received money from Barry Rush of World Wide Rush. Since his sign is on our building, I feel that this guy is a bandit and would refuse his contribution. Did Jack have knowledge of Barry Rush and his illegal activities?

This is part reason most folks don't get involved politically. There's such battles that go on to get elected and it's unrealistic that you get in as a saint. There are so many issues in society that upset me and I would not feel comfortable dealing with all these battles. Hats off to the politicians that strive for justice and fight for our causes.

One thing is for certain -- Jack Weiss and the Fire Department have come to my corner and reached out to help. Council member Weiss held a press conference right at the foot of my building. He has spoken out against the injustice and has made suggestions for righting this problem.

That's more than I can say for Barry Rush (signage derelict that rapes our landscape), Pepsico, Inc (A company that promotes poison to the public), and Frank Rahban (real estate lawful low life).

We welcome your comments.

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