Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Readers from Curbed LA chime in

Curbed LA has posted a story on our blog (See Feeling Squeezed by Dakota) and they have collected some comments -- Here ya go:

Plus the fact that the new Tropicana packaging is atrocious in and of itself. It looks like some generic JUICE FLVR ORANGE you'd find at Wal*Mart -- that is, if I'd ever been inside one. But, but I've seen the commercials!


Right on! I support boycotting business/buildings with the supergraphics. Hear that landlords??


it seems like theres more of these ads everyday!
and i agree with #1 with tropicana's awful new look. it looks like diluted orange juice.


Next time you're in Washington DC, notice there are no billboards.
Damn soothing on the eyes.


Where are we going to go? A building covered by Madonna's crotch? Its not that easy to relocate a business and we'll still have a landlord.


^^^ put it in your lease that the building will not be defiled by this kind of f**king bulshite.


  1. Is "Doctor" David Allan a licensed doctor?

  2. For the record:
    Dr. David Allan Orenstein, D.C.
    License # dc21458
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