Friday, January 16, 2009

Before and after pics from Inside the office

I wanted to give the media and other folks that will view this blog more background, so I've added some more pics with comment. I am waiting to hear back from fire department Capt. McCarthy and find out their ruling. Hopefully this will solve our problem.

Please review the comments on this blog -- especially one in particular regarding filing a lawsuit. Thank you for that comments and would appreciate any other legal avenues we can take here.

Here is a pic of the other side of the building. For those of you that are not familiar with our building, here you will be able to appreciate and understand the structure of the outside surface. NOTE: You can click on any of these pics and the image will greatly be enlarged. Notice the columns -- They are positioned in between the full length windows. It's a very unique design by the award winning architect Edward Durrell Stone.

Below you will see a few pics from the inside without the obstructed view of the mega banner. Notice that these windows span from ceiling to floor and are approximately 8 feet x 3 feet in size -- It offers incredible views...

Now take a look at what these owners did. Below you will see some pics from inside my office with this obstruction over the windows.

BTW -- I have not mentioned the other side of the equation. The company that is paying the owners is irresponsible as well. We are formulating a letter to Tropicana and are planning to assemble a media campaign against this company for their actions.

We have to draw the line somewhere and we will not have greedy big business merchants pollute the landscape to this magnitude. It's outrageous and if we don't stop this it will continue to escalate to no end. Companies like these need to realize how they are negatively affecting our communities.

Now it's a smoggy day, everyday at the office.


The record stands correcting:

I spoke to Lois (building manager) yesterday and she mentioned that the fire that I mentioned had misinformation -- the fire occurred on the 4th floor and not the 5th and she stated that the firefighters did not bust through the windows -- the windows were removed for the clean up.

I'm correcting the record because I don't want this blog to be some kind of alarmist or an exaggerated viewpoint -- I want it to be here to voice opinions....

And as far as opinions go... the fire that was mentioned was just a small fire. What if there was a serious fire -- I'm sure that firefighters would be busting through the windows -- and the real question is this super graphics sign a hazard to the firefighters and folks in the building?

Well we will soon get Firefighter Capt. McCarthy's ruling soon enough.

Let's be clear of all the issues that are before us:
  1. Is this mega billboard a Fire hazard to the firefighters and the tenants?
  2. Do we want all of our buildings covered with all these advertisements? Where do we draw the line on our landscape and our environment?
  3. Can we put in safeguards in place to protect the rights of the little guy against big business greed (referring to putting up this sign without any notification from Tropicana, building owners and management)?

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