Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Comment #1, left at 01/19/09 04:35 PM.I guess it makes sense. It would be great for these buildings to lose tenants and big $$$ while chasing graphics and relatively minor money.

When they leased, they did it partially for the professional image. I hope they win. That sign is so over the top huge. I can't believe they thought that would be ok with the tenants.


a bit overdramatic, but i see their point.

LOL at Madonna's crotch.


do they cover the views from inside the building? thats another reason for a lawsuit or rent reduction.

I always wondered what it looked like from inside the building -- yuck -- I'm surprised that more tenants don't complain when their view is somewhat obstructed by this junk!

And I can't believe the number of NEW buildings the 1969 "art" has been plastered on!!! It's like they slapped it on every possible building to potentially be able to use the space for advertising later on.

The images confuse me.

Am I supposed to be limp or erect?


i'm hating on the building slumlords putting up these supergraphics. i work at sunset gower studios and saw them plaster up the statue of liberty ads on their brand new building. what a bunch of crass folks who decided on milking more money into their greasy hands by pasting these up. they should be shot and fed to pigs.


Perhaps the Israeli consulate can order a missile strike or three on Mike McNeilly's house.

In all seriousness, it's an outrageous move by SkyTag and the sad thing is that he'll make tens of millions from it over the next few years.



but..but its so BLADERUNNER !!.....

Anyone who thinks that these things have a 'Blade Runner' look to them (and I know you were being facetious, Starch, old boy) fail to recall what the STREETSCAPE itself looked like. Dirty cluttered sodden. It was a CAUTIONARY tale. The bright lights were UP THERE, trying to get you to look away from the muck.

Sure, who among us wouldnt want a 97th floor apartment made of Ennis House blocks? But that's not going to be prodived by electronic billboards offering goods and services affordable only to the rich. Some of which were on blimps, do you forget? I don't hear the BB-bosters calling for increased blimp traffic.

PS to #8: your first line was awful, funny. the second -- awful, true.


The ads look great. Hey you CA hippies, remember one thing, this is the USA! Ever heard of freedom of speech? What would this nation be without advertising... Old men would never know about Propecia, Hippies would never know about Frontline, Douche Bags would never know about Armani & D&G. Come on folks, as a great uncle of mine always said.....quitchurbitchin. And worry about other things like stocking food pantries, spending time with the elderly and picking up litter from the streets in your city.


Comment #12 rocks


@guest (#12):

This is litter. Expensive litter, but still trash...

Frontline is the flea & tick juice I put on my dog monthly. Does that make me a hippie? Who knew...


those ads are so obnoxious. thank god that someone is suing them. in related news... has anyone seem the huge pepsi supergraphic in hollywood (visible from the 101) completely ripping off the obama campaign, 'YES YOU CAN'? barf!! a huge corporation like pepsi couldn't afford to get a more creative ad team?

Comment 4 - From inside it looks like the windows are tinted. These huge signs have holes poked through them all over.

I hate stupid lawsuits and this sounds like one.


@DrivingSideways: I'm sure the statement was intentional - though appears you missed the humor. Genius.

Yea, I did miss the humor. I guess your high-minded, esoteric humor is too sophistimicated for me!

@guest (#12): If I find your grandma in the gutter again, I'll take her out to dinner. Then can I complain about advertising?

@guest (#12): dude, its not about the CONTENT of the sign, its about the SIZE!

Do I have the constitutional right to stand in the street and amplify my voice at 100db 24/7? No. Hell I can't even do that from my front lawn.



These supergraphics are popping up everywhere because of the major cash they generate for the companies and for the property owners. The graphic on the building shown in the story will probably net $300k to $400k in one year (not millions to be sure), but it's pure profit. My company owns a building down the street and I am surprised they aren't taking the money. By putting up the graphic, the building owner in the story will make the same amount of money as renting out 2-3 floors of his/her building. Again, pure profit. Do I like them? Some of them are hideous. If I was a building owner in the current recession would I sign up for one (no pun intended), hell yes! It's capitalism at work people.


Sorry all you negative nellies. I LOVE this! I think it is totally cool and proves, once again, that Los Angeles is one of the hippest cities on earth.

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