Tuesday, February 3, 2009


To Pepsico, Inc. and the following individuals:


Jamie Stein
Director, Public Relations
(312) 821-2017

Dave DeCecco
Director, Media Bureau
(914) 253-2655

Bonin Bough
Director, Social Media
(914) 253-3058

Make sure to Cc: the following corporate executives:

Indra K. Nooyi, C.E.O.

Michael D. White, C.E.O., PepsiCo International & Vice Chair, PepsiCo

Mitch Adamek, Sr. V.P. & Chief Procurement Officer

Peter A. Bridgman, Sr. V.P. and Controller

Richard Goodman, C.F.O.

Wahid Hamid, Sr. V.P., Corporate Strategy & Development

Julie Hamp, Sr. V.P., Communications

Mehmood Khan, C.S.O.

Lionel L. Nowell III, Sr. V.P. and Treasurer

Ronald C. Parker, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Larry D. Thompson, Sr. V.P., Gov Affairs, Gen. Counsel & Sec.

Cynthia M. Trudell, Sr. V.P. & C.P.O.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

As promised, I've sent you the criminal complaint against the owners of the building, the building manager, and the signage company. It appears that you are off the hook on these measly misdemeanor charges, but I know you can appreciate the bigger picture here.

It's your corporate funds that fuel this illegal activity and we are going to stand strong and raise our voices to big corporate sponsors and tell them that it is not acceptable to endorse advertising that endangers the lives of American Citizens. You will find another way to advertise and that is what we want.

You have a corporate responsibility to respond to this letter and as each day goes by, it will send the message that big business like yours is above the law and not interested in the welfare of the very people you are advertising to. In all fairness, we are aware that you are just receiving this document and will need a little time to evaluate and have the proper channels to review this documentation.

The first step I would like from Pepsico Inc. is to reply to this email with an acknowledgement. Acknowledge this has been received along with a date when our questions in the first email will be answered.

All of our correspondences will be posted to the www.10901takesigndown.blogspot.com. Our hope is that Pepsico, Inc. responds responsibly and shows the world what kind of company it truly is.

"How we do the little things, is how we do everything".


Dr. David Allan

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