Thursday, February 5, 2009

The letters are coming in...

Pepsico, Inc. -- This is just the beginning. We will seek media attention!

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Subject: Supergraphics

Mr. Jabbansky:

I for one will make sure that I NEVER buy products that are advertised via Supergraphics and will advise my friends and family to do the same. Do you people realize that you are further blighting an already blighted Los Angeles? Are you so damn greedy that you feel it is acceptable to deface the sides of buildings with ugly advertisements that just anger the public? How would you like to look out of your kitchen, living room or bedroom window at a gigantic ad? I am sure you wouldn't want that at all. But you probably live in some gated community that protects you from what you foist off on others. Why don't you try to do some good in our community instead of what you are doing? In the end this will surely backfire on you and the products you represent.

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