Monday, February 2, 2009


Alarmist, Overblown... you be the judge.

In lieu of an order from the fire department to take his Mega Supergraphics' Sign down, and a cry from the City of Los Angeles including a 23 count criminal complaint handed down by City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo last Friday, owner Frank Rahban of 10801 National Blvd. in Los Angeles, continues to defy the order.

When this supergraphic (thank Pepsico, Inc. for being part of this) went up on Tues. evening, Jan. 13th, common sense told us, this can't be a safe thing to drape across the building.

We took action and the fire dept. came and cited the building and told them the sign had to be removed by Thurs. Jan 29th -- YES!

The L.A. Times took action and splashed a front page story about this problem on Tues. Jan. 20th -- YES!

The city took action and held a press conference joined by the media -- Council member Jack Weiss and City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo on Wed. Jan 28th right at the foot of 10801 -- YES!

The city again took action and filed criminal charges against the owner and others for defying the order to take down the sign on Fri. Jan. 29th -- YES!

Once again, it's obvious that the laws are not strong enough to prevent this injustice even when lives are at stake.

We're asking for more media coverage right now.

Also, we're also asking for the 41st mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio R. Villaraigosa to step forward.


  1. It's time for a street protest.
    I have a few signs from my protest of Mr Rahban's other supergraphic.

  2. That could be a good idea. How did the protest go at the other location? What was the turnout? I believe you received some media coverage?

    I feel the best use of the time is to get on the air. I interviewed with John and Ken for their Sat. show and we are now pitching something more serious to the national stations, now that we know that he is defying the law.

    Also another consideration would be a class action lawsuit against the owner.

  3. if you did a protest and made a press release, I believe the media would cover it. I'm thinking maybe a march from National to Overland (one Rahban bldg to the other) His other supergraphic was featured on So Cal Connected Thursday night. This is an opportune time to be getting exposure for this issue with the local election coming up.
    We did receive some media coverage and succeeded in getting GAP inc to remove their supergraphic and pull out of their one year agreement for advertising at that location. National coverage would be great.

  4. We support any rally, etc., but we want to focus on the blog and direct links to the media via press, tv and radio. You are welcome and we encourage you to organize a march and we will support your efforts. I know we are doing is effective because I just booked some time on KABC radio tomorrow at 8AM prime time with Doug McIntyre. I will be doing a solo interview -- so help get the word out. I will post this later today.