Sunday, February 1, 2009

Look how Santa Monica deals with their signs

Can we all imagine ourselves in the seclusion of a natural setting? It could be walking a beautiful golf course, hiking the canyons, camping, or boating off a small island. To feel the open space, to surround your world in darkness under a blanket of glowing stars? Spending time with nature is primal and natural -- it renews and revitilizes us.

The supergraphics' slapped on "our" building has created much more awareness to the visual spaces that fill my day. I tend to notice more signs, whether it's wrapped over a bus, free standing, digital or not -- and especially the supergraphics.

Drawing the line is easy when safety is compromised, but what about drawing the line when it comes to clogging the visual landscape?

I'm here at this moment raising awareness and striking up a few more questions. What do we do with all of these digital billboards that glare into neighborhood homes? Can you imagine looking out your kitchen window and faced with %^%#@@&@ day in and day out. Can billboards distract drivers to the point where safety is concerned? And what about stuffing the airwaves and destroying the look of our city? Where do we draw the line?

Well Los Angeles, Santa Monica has some bold answers for their city. Take a look at how they control the air space in this recent article from the Santa Monica Daily Press: Billboards get held in check.


  1. the ny times has a story today on la's supergraphics

  2. Thanks, we've posted the link on the left hand page under related links.