Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chopping Down Trees for Profit

Here's a view from the freeway facing the 10801 National building with the trees in place (Courtesy of a follower -- from google maps). They are blocking the side of the building that continues to display the illegal advertising fueled by CBS.

The trees are no longer there and have been suspiciously removed before these illegal signs were put up.

We have received a tip that a white van or truck with a half dozen or so men wearing white and/or orange jumpsuits and hard hats we noticed on the scene where these trees were cut down. The tipster felt it was an odd scene to have all these folks out there and not have any identification to their company. He mentioned it was not Cal Trans workers or equipment. Also he noticed that all the trimmings were being left at the scene.

If authorities can determine that no state or city agency cut down these trees, then it points to the sign company or the building owners maliciously chopping down these trees -- all for the sake of the big $.

If anyone knows or has seen anything regarding this issue, please contact us immediately.


  1. Do you have a job? Seems like you spend all of your time blogging.
    If you have a problem with the sign why don't you take your landlord to landlord tenant court?

  2. Keep up the great work. I hate this billboard. Every time I walk my dog I have to stare at this monstrosity. As far as the trees go, I do recall that area being cleaned up not long ago by Cal Trans. It was right after the heavy winds hit. I recall that one of the large trees was knocked down. I know it was Cal Trans who cleaned it up because I stopped to talk with the guys while my dog was doing his business. They were absolutely Cal Trans. My brother works for Cal Trans and I'm very familiar with the uniforms. Anyway, keep up the good fight.

  3. Do I have a job?? Hmmm...Okay: Health care professional for 30 years, active private practice by referral only, international instructor for 20 years teaching physical therapy modalities to the chiropractic and massage industry. Also partnering with a billion dollar company that has exclusive, unique, patented technologies in anti-aging that deals with reversing the aging process. Started a great blog last year connecting touch practitioners from around the globe. I have enjoyed blogging ever since and it seemed like a logical step to take when the owners pulled off this stunt. Fortunately, I've had the help from many activists, concerned citizens and tenants, and neighborhood residents. ...Take the landlord to landlord tenant court? What kind of lame question is that? Have you read the blog? I suggest you get out your bong out and light up another bowl!