Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Day The Sign Came Down -- But For How Long?

We would like to feel great (we do) , now that the sign is down, but in a letter from the owner and management dated Jan. 21st, they said the following: The sign on the north wall of the building is scheduled to be removed at the end of this month. In subsequent months, other similar signs will be installed. To the extend the existence of these signs interfere, impede or otherwise adversely impact the business operations conducted at your respective rental spaces, MC is prepared to negotiate a rebate program that would take into consideration the particulars of each of the tenants so impacted.

The arraignment to the criminal charges against the owners, management and signage company will be coming up on Feb. 26th and we will keep up the heat and send the message that it would be a major mistake to put up another supergraphic at our location.

If this goes to court, it will interesting to see if the perpetrators try to minimize the safety issues and fight for their right to put up this safety hazard.

I recommend anyone that has a supergraphic draped over their building, to immediately contact your city courncil member and get in touch with this site. Most are illegal and need to come down.

We still need a response from Pepsico, Inc! We will not tone down our campaign until we know that big business will not risk human lives for sake of their advertising.


  1. If you can get the police to stop them from putting up a new one that would be great. The installers will not be able to show a permit. They will try to do it in the middle of the night. Keep calling the police until someone shows up. Here's hoping they don't put a new one up.

  2. See letter and documentation from the owner in the blog archive. They have a an injunction from a judge that allows them the right to put this up. The laws are being changed as we speak. This will not happen in the future.