Monday, February 16, 2009

Take action against the new supergraphic

Isn't it interesting that Dr. Phil is talking about a "change reaction"? Now what the heck does that mean?

Obviously it's a made up statement -- Either by the shrink or the advertisers looking to make a twist on words.

Well, we can can make a play on words too -- and use it for this post. "For things to change, L.A. has to change -- for things to get better, L.A. has to get better".

When we win, we don't stop to think -- except to feel the moment and to revel in the accomplishment -- and so it should be. But when we lose, oh that's a whole different feeling. But wait, what an opportunity. What lesson can we learn from a loss? How can we turn this around?

This negative event is getting the city to really deal with this problem we face with our fellow advertisers, and that in itself is a great thing. If you have been following the blog, you're well aware of our heartfelt feelings for all the folks responsible for this injustice. Who wants advertising stuffed down their throat or better yet -- to endanger their life? Let's use this injustice to motivate L.A. to change for the better.

Here's the best ways to bring this change:
  • WRITE. The pen is mightier than the sword! We have reached thousands of folks and know that we are making a difference. This is not a L.A. problem. Folks outside L.A. -- we want to hear from you! Write to the blog and tell us and the world how the advertisers are affecting your life. What's going on in other cities? What's going on in other countries? Is advertising getting out of hand where you live? L.A. folks write to Jack Weiss or your city council member. Write to the mayor. For all -- write to Dr. Phil or CBS.
  • VOTE. In L.A. elections are coming up. Find out what your candidates will do with this issue. See Questions for L.A. City Candidates at the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight. We desperately need the laws changed to prohibit folks profiting from putting up illegal signage.
  • TAKE LEGAL ACTION. Here in L.A., the city has filed a criminal complaint against the parties involved and the arraignment is set for Feb. 26th. We are also considering a class action suit against 10801.
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Send this blog to someone and educate them to this injustice so this can be aware of unsafe and illegal advertising.

Whatever you do, don't let apathy set in. It's a disease that kills the spirit. Your voice can make a difference. In your mind, what you believe is your reality. Believe you can make a difference and you will. Let's hear from you!


  1. Just when we thought the sign was down for good... here comes another one... That beautiful Westerly view is now like trying to see the world though a piece of gauze. Its like visual "waterboarding"... the feeling is claustrophobic and suffocating. I am now personally boycotting Tropicana, Dr. Phil... and CBS. And have sent this blog to all the people I know on FaceBook and My Space... We are paying for an office with view but not a view through a canvas tarp. The building owners are exhibiting is just one more manifestation of greed and insensitivity to the environment... they are a sad remnant of the Me Mentality. They are saying to us...the tenants... "We really don't care what you think or feel... its our building and we'll do whatever we want with it in spite of breaking our lease with you."

  2. L.A. better wake up. Wait until you see what the owners are up to next. The sign co. wants to hold the city in contempt of court!! They really think that they will get away with this nonsense.

  3. This is the letter I sent and e-mailed to Dr. Phil... please feel free to copy and use this and mail it to him as well.

    Dr. Phil show
    5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Dear Dr. Phil,
    I am a long time fan of your show but now find it necessary to boycott you... I am sending requests to all my friends and family to also boycott your show. The reason is as follows:
    I am a tenant at 10801 National Blvd., LA, CA and a large TARP type Billboard has just been installed across the entire west Face of the Building. This billboard obscures 80% of what used to be a beautiful view. Now going to work each day is like being visually "waterboarded"... it is a suffocating and claustrophopic sensation. The sign was paid for by CBS and is advertising your program. I am offended by this lack of sensitivity and this total lack of concern and hoped for better from you and from CBS... Everyone else on my side of the building feels the same. I hope that since you may have some power and some say with CBS and the Advertising directors that you might do something about this blight. You have come to be known for your sensitivity and good judgement but your "people" have blown that for you in this case.
    Joseph Miller