Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We get comments about Pepsico, Inc

We get comments...

I’ve been following your blog with interest, as I’m fighting supergraphics in my neighborhood (Westwood) as well. Have you tried contacting the Pepsi spokesman mentioned in that Bloomberg article?

“Supergraphics are central to Purchase, New York-based PepsiCo Inc.’s new campaign called Refresh Everything, said Larry Jabbonsky, a company spokesman. Tropicana is a PepsiCo brand.”

Some googling turns up his info: Larry Jabbonsky; Vice President, Communications; (914)253-2647;

I wonder what he’d have to say about the way his company’s ads are illegal and putting lives at risk.

Keep up the fight,
From "a blog follower"

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Thanks for the input. Larry -- I suggest you wrap your home with one of your banners. That will really show your commitment to this wonderful ad campaign of yours. We will add Larry to the Pepsico, Inc. letter campaign. This is the most important message the this blog is trying to get across -- We stand up against corporate ads that endanger the public.

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