Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dr Allan on KABC Radio Today

I had the opportunity to speak with KABC radio this morning, but the interview was cut short and I did not get a chance to deliver the message I prepared.

So, here goes...

Supergraphics have no business on office buildings. Most are illegal and fire hazards endangering the lives of the occupants that reside within. Thousands of lives are at risk in the City of Los Angeles and big corporations like Pepsico, Inc. must take the lead and avoid any advertising that puts Americian Citizens in harm's way.

We need to reach out to the media and get covered properly.

I am available for conversation and I would also recommend contacting Los Angeles Capt. Curt Fasmer at 213-978-3604. We had an extended conversation at the last press conference and he can properly describe the dangers that we face. We need to educate the public.

The line is crossed when advertising endangers human life.

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