Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trees Cut Down in front of 10801?

This was sent from an anonymous viewer -- We thank you!

"Here is a photograph (from google maps) of the 10801 building seen from the 10 Freeway before the billboard was installed. It shows the trees that used to be on the freeway right-of-way, and how they blocked the view of the building from the freeway. Anyone with an IQ of 10 can see why they were cut down.

Keep up the good work."

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There have been some building occupants that mentioned they saw Cal Trans in action. There has been some construction close to where the trees were cut down and it’s possible these trees were cut down legally. I believe the city is now conducting an investigation and when we know, we’ll get the message to you.

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  1. Cutting down trees is bad news for the environment. Remember Tony V. and his 10,000 free, air-scrubbing trees that mysterious disappeared?

    He touted that planting a free tree was good for the environment, and if there's one place they're needed, it's by freeways to help absorb all those noxious exhaust fumes.